Best Movies to watch in 2018

The movies will change your life, change your perception of the world and modify your belief, give you so much motivation to be better in life

I am always a big fan of movies. I watched countless movies. Just like you, I did a lot of research, but nothing on the net ever give me a set of movies that can help me relax and inspire me. Very few movies that inspiring and can give us lots of lessons and ways to improve. Here is the list that I combine through my years of learning and watching again and again to conclude all that in it.



This movie opens your mind to opportunities. Say “Yes” to life instead of resisting and live a life on Agenda. Great things will follow.



This is going to tell you that do not wish for less problems. Do not afraid of the difficulties in your life and want to fast forward into the future or wasting time to wonder about your future. Just live your life to the max, the end result is not that important.


12 angry men

A lot of people may oppose your view, your goal but it is unnecessary to be bothered by it. If you feel it is right, gather information to back it up fearlessly


Forrest Gump

This is the movie that billionaire Jack Ma got inspired. The movie teaches us to be humble. If you are being swept by the tide of life, this movie will come rescuing you. Make you calm and relax with yourself. A successful does not need others to know that he successful. That is his mentality that separates him from the rest and autopilot to success. Watch, enjoy and got inspired!


Catch me if you can

This is one of the best movies to watch. You can be whatever you want to be. Just a little practice and accumulate knowledge about the subject and carry you confidently. If you do not believe in you, it is hard to achieve anything. Absorb enough knowledge and act as if you are on Top and you can do just whatever you want to.


The movies have been put in order to penetrating your subconscious mind. It will peel off layer and layer of your mind through the years affected by environment and get you moving to a better state of mind for success.